#29 - Adrien Tombari - ADN Speakers

For this twenty-ninth episode, in the new spaces of Machiavel Studios, we welcome Adrien Tombari, founder of ADN, the newest speaker agency you've ever seen to talk about diversity beyond the buzzword, the employee experience in times of pandemic, and the challenges of a solopreneur in the midst of a pandemic.

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Find our guest here:

WEBSITE: https: //en.adn-conferenciers.com/

FACEBOOK: https: //www.facebook.com/adnconferencier.e.s/

INSTAGRAM: https: //www.instagram.com/adnconferencier.e.s

LINKEDIN: https://ca.linkedin.com/company/adn-conf%C3%A9renciers

0:00 - Opening of the podcast - 1 min

1:00 - Introduction of Adrien by Louis - 1 min

1:30 - Presentation of DNA

2:00 - Icebreaker question - What type of bread are you (e.g. Louis - Ciabatta bread for my Italian origins, my harder (more mature) appearance, despite a soft (warm) interior) - 2 min

1st section - Earning your bread - 2:30

2:45 - Presentation of ADN Speakers (The service/product, its history, its founders, etc.)

3:30 - Under what circumstances did you arrive in Quebec?

5:00 - How did you get started in the event industry? (Infopresse, QG100, etc.)

7:00 - Why is "Oser" so close to the events business in this context?

8:00 - What makes you different? (concrete examples like Poche& Fils x SNC-Lavallin)

10:00 - The different types of clients you have? Transition to the next section with employee experience!

2nd section - Butter money - 20:00

12:00 - Importance of employee experience in the context of a pandemic (.i.e. Carl Honoré's lecture)

12:00 PM - Diversity is not just a buzzword, what does it change?

6:00 PM - New administrator of Ambriz sworn in

18:45 - Your advice to entrepreneurs? (The importance of being well surrounded, the importance of stopping to think about the business, etc.)

10:00 PM - The future as a solopreneur

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 25:00

12:00 PM - New administrator of Ambriz sworn in

27:00 - The challenges of sustained growth, of "scaling"?

30:30 - The "killer" question - In a world where all artists, entrepreneurs or speakers are independent, rejecting industry norms (i.e. Abandonment of the record company), how do you position an agency?

34:30 - Final question - Do you think Quebec was born for a big loaf of bread?

34:30 - Bonus question - What would be your book recommendations for our aspiring entrepreneurs who are listening?

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