#39 🍞 - Andrée-Ann & Jean Philippe - ANIMORA 🐈

In this 39th episode, we welcome Andrée-Ann Adam and Jean-Philippe Côté, both co-founders of Animora. Animora is for now a revolutionary toothpaste for cats and dogs, no need to brush the teeth of the animal, to be given directly in the food. 🐈

Presented by Louis Pallascio, ambition director, producer and host at Machiavel Studios, the video marketing agency for Black Sheep.

Icebreaker question - What kind of bread are you?

- 1st section - How do you earn your bread?

Where did you study?

How did you start the company?

What gave you the idea?

Became or born an entrepreneur?

16:53 - 2nd section - Do we have any crusts to eat?

What anecdotes would you like to share that have marked your journey?

What works in business in Quebec?

What is wrong with business in Quebec?

36:00 - 3rd section - What's your bread and butter?

What's next for your brand?

What trends are coming up in the market?

What would you like to see happen in the Quebec business world?

The "killer" question - How do you see yourself growing with such a niche product?

Final question - Is Quebec, in your opinion, born for a big loaf of bread?

Bonus question - What would be your book recommendations for our aspiring entrepreneurs who are listening?

An achievement of Machiavel Studios.👑

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