Machiavel Studios is the video marketing agency for black sheep. Born from the union of our marketing expertise and our experience in video production, we work with entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions. 

Our turnkey service, from creation to broadcasting, filming and editing, has allowed us to bring companies and organizations such as Startup Montreal, Front Row Ventures, Métro Média, Meta4 Interactive and many others out of the woodwork.

Our unique video production process combines our 15 years of creative experience in video production and innovative campaign marketing strategies.

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Our story

From video to marketing.

With over 10 years of marketing and video production experience, Louis founded Machiavel Videography in Montreal in 2018 to serve small and medium-sized businesses across Quebec.

Passionate about all things video from the age of 12, he never let go of the kodak. Inspired by Youtube pioneers FreddieW and Smosh, he started out producing humorous videos and slowly moved into the purely artistic side of video, making videos for Zach Zoya and James Gray.

At the same time, a conference on entrepreneurship by Nicolas Duvernois in the spring of 2016 will reveal the magic of entrepreneurship to him. All the ingredients for the perfect cocktail were ready. However, it was not until October 2018 that the video production company was officially born.

Since then, the reputation of Machiavel Studios has been built on nearly one hundred projects with over forty clients, most of whom benefit from our services on a regular basis.


The ultimate black sheep.

Firstly, because he is the ultimate Black Sheep. Nicholas Machiavelli, through his stories and writings, has surely disturbed the social and political sphere like no other before, yet with the sole purpose of advising his fellow men. Today, he is the symbol of an assumed dissidence that we proudly endorse. Where some will see the disruptive, we see the disturbing. Or rather, the black sheep.

True to our mission, we want to highlight the black sheep and celebrate their difference. There's nothing wrong with standing out from the herd, quite the contrary! We celebrate those entrepreneurs who make the choice to courageously be themselves.

Add to this fundamental element our penchant for politics and its relevance to strategy, our admiration for the renaissance and the Italy that was its cradle, and the choice of Machiavelli was obvious!

Geneviève Everell in discussion with the CEA
The President of Bellon Prestige


Ready for anything.

To ensure that your production runs smoothly, we have all the necessary certifications and authorisations for projects of all sizes.

In particular, we are a UDA (Union des Artistes) producer and thus have access to the best talent pool and actors in Quebec.

Each member of the creative team behind your projects also has at least a bachelor's degree.






/authenticitate / ᒥᔪ ᒫᒥᐢᑯᒣᐁᐧᐃ /

female name

The quality of a fact that conforms to the truth.

For Machiavelli, this is what gives meaning to our whole mission. For us, there is no other way to live than by our own rules. We show our colours without shame or false modesty.




/famulus / ᐯᔭᑯᐢᑳᓀᐃᐧᕁ/

female name

A group of people who are related or married to each other. "The foundations. The pillars. Without these immutable forces around us, everything falls apart. If blood creates the bond of kinship, loyalty is what creates the family."




/trepalium / ᐊᑐᐢᑫᐃᐧᐣ/

male name

A set of human activities organised and coordinated to produce what is useful; a person's productive activity.

"We all have a common goal to shine, to achieve prosperity. Machiavelli is part of this desire. It is the requirement to get there. It is entrepreneurship."



One for all. All for one.

No project is beyond our reach with a team of seasoned consultants combining over 20 years of video marketing experience.



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The secret guide to creating your own professional videos

With 15 years of combined marketing and video experience, we help you achieve your ambitions with this exclusive access to our biggest secrets.

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