Ep. 18 - Taïna DiNapoli - Caffeine Pushers and DiNapoli

For this eighteenth episode, we welcome Coffee Queen Taïna DiNapoli of DiNapoli, supplier of high-end Italian coffee to businesses and Caffeine Pushers to talk about street culture, the cultural melting pot of Montreal and the importance of building a brand that is authentic.

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Find our guest here:

WEBSITE : https://dinapoli.ca/

FACEBOOK: https: //facebook.com/dinapolicaffe

INSTAGRAM: https: //instagram.com/coffeequeen_official/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ta%C3%AFna-dinapoli-03493826/

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0:00 - Introduction

1:30 - What kind of bread are you, Taïna Chalifoux?

3:00 - Moroccan origins, Tangier!

1st section - Earning your bread - 3:30

4:00 PM - Coffee discovery in Italy

6:00 PM - The origins of DiNapoli

9:00 - Biodegradable coffee pods for better coffee

10:30 - Implementation in Première Moisson

11:00 - Controlling the parameters for good coffee

2:00 PM - Impact of the pandemic

4:25 PM - Caffeine Pushers launch

18:00 - Dr.Bean and Coffee Queen join forces!

2nd section - Butter money - 19:00

21:00 - Spicy content creation

11:00 AM - "The dichotomy between reality and professionalism

4:00 PM - "The example in the symbolism of Machiavelli

31:00 - Street Smart vs Book Smart

12:00 PM - Training gives you a head start

*36:30 - Marketing is Arts and Letters

4:00 PM - New administrator of Ambriz sworn in

A free training from the founder of Canva Business Model, Yves Pinard!

44:00 - The Montreal Slang

47:00 - Everything urban is what creates emotion

4:00 PM - Both the street and the intellectuals have something to gain. Both are stupid.

56:00 - Two Quebec values - Solidaire and Intrepid

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 59:00

59:30 - Quebec Inc. tomorrow

1:00:45 - A generation of urban and educated entrepreneurs

1:03:00 - Women entrepreneurship

1:15:00 - Where can I find Di Napoli and Caffeine Pushers?

1:15:30 - An achievement of the Machiavel Studios