Ep. 20 - William Giroux - KaseMe and ÄRFANG

For this twentieth episode, we welcome William Giroux, co-founder of KaseMe, an e-commerce company that has already sold close to one million personalized cell phone cases, and Arfang, a video production company based in Quebec City, to talk about the importance of storytelling in video, entrepreneurial education from father to son, and pride in the Beauce.

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Timeline - At the cradle of e-commerce

0:00 - Introduction

1:00 - KaseMe presentation

1:45 - What kind of bread are you, William Giroux?

1st section - Earning your bread - 2:20

2:45 - What is KaseMe?l

6:00 PM - Beginnings in the basement of the cottage in Saint-René-de-Beauce

7:00 - UQAR training, WSP, etc.

7:50 AM - Mentoring of Anthony Vendrame of Poche & Fils

9:00 - KaseMe Supply Chain

Genesis automation firm

12:00 - Eco-responsibility at KaseMe

Book recommendations: Let My People Go Surfing and The Responsible Company by Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia)

4:40 PM - Ecologi - Platform to plant a tree according to your sales

22:00 - Pride collaboration with PO Beaudoin, Karl Hardy, Jessie Nadeau, Duchelle and Lysandre Nadeau - Les petites victoires

2nd section - Butter money - 23:00

25:00 - The importance of storytelling in video

27:50 - Shameless plug of Machiavel Studios

30:00 - Audi advertises with soap box

4:00 PM - "A new way of life for the people of the region

35:00 - Practice pitch with Pierre Thabet (Boa-Franc) and Marc Dutil (Canam Group)

36:30 - The Beauce School of Entrepreneurship, a flagship!

40:30 - Making your luck in life (Dominique Brown, Chocolat Favoris who passed on them to the dragons)

4:00 PM - Giroux's entrepreneurial lineage

4:00 PM - WSP to acquire Giroux Surveying Ltd.

12:00 PM - New products to be introduced in the field of surveying

4:00 PM - Working with his mother

51:00 - Unlimited vacations at KaseMe!

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 53:00

4:00 PM - Government of Canada to invest in RideRaw

58:00 - The future of dropshipping

58:50 - Mr.Beast Burger

01:01:15 - The 5am routine

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