Machiavel's studio provides you with the ideal sound and visual environment for your corporate recordings. Acoustically treated to eliminate the majority of reflection points, equipped with the best proximity microphones on the market and with professional lighting hanging from our 12 foot high ceilings, our studio offers you the ideal space to launch your next project.

  • 900 square feet, including a film set, an enclosed client area and an office,
  • High level audio and video consoles,
  • 3 angles of professional video cameras,
  • Motorized slide for dynamic effects,
  • An array of studio quality overhead and moving lights,
  • More than a dozen practical lights like 100% RGB and programmable bulbs,
  • and all this in the greatest comfort.
An overview of the studio experience at Machiavel Studios


The event experience has been turned on its head in recent years, with the massive arrival of live streaming platforms and our transition to an online communication model. Once an experience forced by circumstance, the benefits of this new model have quickly established its relevance over time.

No other medium makes it so easy to communicate quality content to an audience across the province, the country, or even the world and keep it alive forever.

Discover our live production for the ACEE filmed and produced entirely at Machiavel Studios.


Renting from Machiavel Studios gives you full flexibility and control over the parameters of your project. You can choose to rent the studio outright, rent it with all our equipment at your disposal (subject to availability) or choose to include it in a turnkey project that will be up to your ambitions. In any case, you will be able to use our film set, our complete kitchen facilities (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher), the client area with work desks and conference table in a quiet and productive context and even make yourself a little espresso to go with it.


Discover the 4x4x48 Challenge, a documentary directed by Kevin Goodtimes based on the challenge created by David Goggins.



Studio Experience

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