For real estate agents, coworking spaces and property managers.

Turn every visit into a unique experience by offering immersive virtual tours that evoke the same emotions as a real visit.

With our FPV drones, virtual reality, and storytelling expertise, our creations will leave your customers ready to take action after viewing your properties!

Turn every visit into a unique experience by offering immersive virtual tours that evoke the same emotions as a real visit.

Our creations will leave your customers ready to take action after viewing your properties!

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Industry - REAL ESTATE

Stimulate the interest of future buyers and shorten your sales cycle.

Stay competitive in today's market with our video solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd with promotional content that stands out from the crowd and attracts your customers!

The benefits of video marketing in real estate


Homeowners are more likely to consult an agent who offers video. Facilitate their decision-making process by offering them an immersive visual experience. 


Help your ad appear on the first page of Google with a video of your available space! Be the first that buyers contact!


Use technologies like Matterport and 360° virtual tours to attract the audience most interested in your marketing and increase your competitiveness.

Industry - REAL ESTATE

Discover the full potential of your marketing

Use the latest technologies in real estate video creation to highlight your properties and create a "Wow" effect with your prospects.

By collaborating with Machiavel Studios, you create real estate videos that build a stronger emotional connection with your audience, increasing your chances of converting visitors to your listing into satisfied homeowners.

Immersive drone

Capture spectacular videos and aerial photos, catching the eye of your future buyers at first glance.

Virtual reality with Meta Quest 3

Plunge your customers into total immersion, making every visit unforgettable and just as exciting as the real thing.

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3D modeling

Make your vision a reality

3D animation, your tool for showcasing the grandeur of your ambitions by previewing the site.

Facilitate decision-making and communication between you, your buyers and your investors, even in the middle of project construction! 

Virtual tour with Matterport

Impress your customers

Let your customers visit your properties from their smart devices, anytime, anywhere.

Offer virtual tours of your properties, rentals or upcoming projects and immerse them in the power of 360° real estate photography.

A few examples

Explore our latest creations! 

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Need a creative boost?

Industry - REAL ESTATE

Benefit from preferential rates with our provisional proposal

Join the real estate revolution by offering your future buyers a unique experience. Our retainer proposal guarantees you a competitive price on a 6-month, 50-hour agreement. 

Real estate video production at $200/hour

We offer spectacular aerial views with our drones, capturing every detail at its best. Your customers will experience 360-degree immersion with our Matterport virtual tours or FPV Drone tours.

Real estate video editing at $100/hour

Use the power of motion design and create animations that highlight your property's strengths. Specializing in the creation of compelling content, our team will attract your future buyers while guaranteeing a fast turnaround for an effective market launch on time!

Industry - REAL ESTATE

Psst! We also do real estate photography

By combining our professional images with our immersive videos, you optimize your chances of offering an unforgettable buying experience while increasing the sales effectiveness of your marketing. 

Rely on experts in your field

Let our customers tell you their stories!

Read the testimonials from 5600 Hochelaga and Groupe Chevalier Séguin. 

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Ariane Poirier

From 5600 Hochelaga

"Not only was the result impeccable and far beyond our expectations, but the service provided was also excellent. I would like to emphasize the efficiency of the team. We are more than satisfied. We recommend them for your projects. Thank you again for your support and the wonderful execution of our vision.

Alexandre Cayer-Desforges

of Groupe Chevalier Séguin

"I expected it to be interesting, I felt the potential, but you exceeded my expectations and I don't say that lightly or to anyone. Great service. Professional quality. Very satisfied."

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Some of our real estate customers

Almost all our customers repeat the experience after their first!

See something that inspires you?


From your budget to the formats you can use on your various social networking platforms, we answer your most frequently asked questions about video marketing.

The cost of your project will depend on a number of factors, including the number of shooting days, the complexity of the sets and the number of crew members needed to complete your project.

In general, a shoot starts at $200/hour and $100/hour for editing.

Need more details? We invite you to share your project with us over a virtual coffee, for a precise quote!

It's very important to know your target audience and the distribution platforms. Formats and durations vary according to each platform and the message to be conveyed. Take a look at our portfolio page to discover the different formats available to you!

For example, Instagram content is often less than a minute, while a YouTube video can be up to 15 minutes. Keep your content concise yet effective.

After clarifying your needs and budget, here's what we do next:

Brainstorm with our video production team to discuss your project's concept and objectives in depth. 

We can't wait to hear more about your vision, so book your call here!

Producing your next video shouldn't disrupt your operations. That's why our turnkey production process takes care of all your needs, from creation to broadcast, filming and editing.

With the exception of a few 30-minute meetings in your diary, we take care of everything while you concentrate on your business.

It's a great start!

You can show us your example during a video call with our team, and we'll be happy to help you improve your original idea to make it unique to your brand.

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