A national grant of $2,400 to invest in your digital efforts without compromising the future of your business.

We're taking your brand out of the herd.

The results are unanimous.

Testimonial - Ombrages - Official Website
Play Video about Testimonial - Ombrages - Official Website
Very good! We had a great experience, with friendly, professional and dynamic people. We achieved our objectives and made a great video. We had a great time shooting and having fun with the videographers. I'd recommend Machiavel Studios for both small and large videos! 
Mehdi Laieb
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Testimonial - Actoran
Play Video about Testimonial - Actoran
Top from start to finish! From the first contact to the day of the shoot. A team that really listens to everyone and their needs, with great creativity and responsiveness. An excellent experience that I'd recommend to any company looking to produce a corporate video.
Maylis Henon
Marketing Manager

But... how can
it can be 100% Free?

Machiavel Studios is an official PCAN supplier

Thanks to a new grant!

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program.

It's a federal government initiative to encourage and help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt new digital technologies.

With the rapid evolution of technology...

The need for Canadian companies to remain competitive in the global economy...

He realized the urgency to act.

And you've never heard of it because...

Civil servants are good at handing out money, but not good news.

In video, it's kind of our job!

How can Machiavel Studios
make your life easier?

Our team of expert advisors will give you all the keys:

🔑 A 360-degree analysis of your video strategy right now and all the reasons why it's not converting... yet.

🔑 Launch call to present your new video and hand over all the necessary documents... already prepared!

🔑 The shooting of your video will be done in the space of a slim 4 hours, on your day of convenience.

Your video will then be available within 7 working days.
In short, in less time than it takes you to receive your Amazon package, your video floods the Internet and your sales soar.

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

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What do you need to do to
access this subsidy?


Or almost nothing.

All the paperwork is done for you.

Registration is done with you.

The project doesn't start until you've been approved.

What do you need to get approved?

Your company needs to...

  • 🔮 be for-profit (this includes for-profit social enterprises and cooperatives);
  • 🔮 be registered (i.e. NEQ) or incorporated;
  • 🔮 have at least one component that directly affects consumers (B2C), even if it's only a small part of sales!
  • 🔮 have had an employee for more than 3 months (other than the owner) OR more than $30,000 in annual income during the previous tax year.

How can
get you there?

It's quite simple...

Video is the best way to...

💣 Increase your chances of being on the 1st page ofGoogle by 53xby integrating video on your website...

💣 Don't miss a single prospect, knowing that video makes up 82% of ALL content created online.

💣 But above all, to convert non-stop with 89% of people buy after listening to a product or service video...

And that's exactly what we've done for over 120 companies to date.

Over 500 projects.

To FINALLY get them out of the herd.

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

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Imagine being inundated by a never-ending
torrent of sales.

Machiavel Studios is an official PCAN supplier
By Louis Pallascio
Montreal, Quebec.
July 3rd.
To whom it may concern,
Hey! Yes, yes, you!
Would you like to leave for Bali with a clear head, this year's doubled objectives smashed to smithereens?

Dreaming of a great team buzzing around your office?
Who keeps growing to the point where the size of your next location is your biggest issue?
Then working together will be the greatest step of your life.
But first, let me explain why:

I'm Louis Pallascio. Barely a year ago, I left a $100,000-plus-a-year job.

I was working for a major Canadian bank with excellent conditions and benefits... but I was MISERABLE.

Not that my employer wasn't nice, on the contrary! But I knew I was sitting on an incredible opportunity to build something much bigger than myself.

Recognize the feeling?

One day, I said to myself, that's enough.

When I discovered the foolproof recipe for generating tons of views and sales as a result, I jumped at the chance.

Using this method, we managed to propel our first lifetime campaign for the Transformers VR game to over...


Transformers VR Trailer

Everyone told me the same thing.

Are you crazy?! You leave a stable job to jump into the void?

Yes. And it worked.

Having perfected the use of key technologies, honed our creative vision and excelled at understanding marketing results...

We've become one of Canada's top video production agencies.

Places left for Video Marketing Analysis

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

That's who this
Brand Video 100% Free

⚜ Are you a creative genius struggling to make sense of your brand new app?

  • ⚜ Are you a restaurateur who would like to have a line of customers in front of your doors?
  • ⚜ Are you a sales expert with the ambition to blow prospects away with your proposals?
  • ⚜ Are you an entrepreneur who would like to have a queue of customers that forces you to hire all your freelancers?
  • ⚜ Are you a visionary with the ambition to develop the best online yoga training?
  • If your answer was yes to any of these questions, this 100% free video is for you.

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

Places left for Video Marketing Analysis


Discover from over 130 customers the Machiavel Studios experience and its positive repercussions!

Hundreds of customers in
40 industries
different... transformed.

And what's crazy?

The more we deployed this formula for our customers, the more I realized that it applies everywhere.

All customers, all mediums.

In all industries.

I knew I had a recipe worthy of Ricardo, completely unique.

I've been lucky enough to validate this theory with enormous success in every environment you can imagine...

  • 🔮 Manufacturing
  • 🔮 Technology
  • 🔮 Real estate
  • 🔮 Health
  • 🔮 Sports
  • 🔮 Animals
  • 🔮 Beauty
  • 🔮 Finance
  • 🔮 Non-profits
  • 🔮 Training
  • 🔮 Construction
  • 🔮 Educational
  • From the high-tech factory to your training center...
  • It works for literally every market.
  • I've been through trials and tribulations for you.
  • I stumbled, crashed and failed for real before I got there.
  • There's no reason why you should have to go through all this now.
  • No more sleepless nights.
  • Of relentless repetition.
  • Now it's your turn to turn heads and look at the fruits of your labor.
  • At this point, you're probably thinking, "This is too good to be true!"
  • If you're the right person to tap into this magic recipe, there's nothing more tangible than that.
  • But first, are you the right person?

Do you earn more than $500,000
a year?

Or have you had a full-time employee for more than a year?

Hats off to you!

You are eligible for Phase 2 of PCAN.

You could potentially qualify for a $15,000 grant.

With this amount, you'll be able to plan an advertisement, a series of customer testimonials or recruitment videos...

Take your business to the next level!

We can help you achieve this grant too!

Still not convinced?
Here are some of the exciting options
has to offer.


The height of your ambitions.


The most exciting video experience ever! Imagine being able to navigate through any space in a seamless and immersive way, even inside your facility giving an unparalleled insight into your customer experience.

Studio Experience

Extremely customizable


Your space, your colors, your branding. 3 top-caliber 4k cameras ready for live broadcast or editing available within minutes of your recording.

3D/2d animation

Beyond imagination


Even if your product or service seems so complex that you're discouraged from trying video, we guarantee that animation will alleviate your greatest ills. 3D. 2D. VFX. Motion Design. The possibilities are literally endless.

Indoor Drone

At Machiavel Studios, we provide high quality indoor drone video production services for organizations such as the RJCCQ, Remax Platinum, Immopremium, and many others.
Whether you want to create a powerful advertising video or capture unique aerial images, outdoors or indoors!
The most exciting video experience ever!
Imagine being able to navigate through any space in a fluid and immersive way, even inside your facilities, giving an unparalleled insight into your customer experience.

Studio Experience

If we come back down to earth for a moment, we'd like to introduce you to our unique studio space.
Unique because it will be yours. That's right. Your space, your colors, your branding, YOUR company.
How do we do it? By offering you what we call our extreme customization experience.
If it sounds intense, that's because it is! From ceiling to floor, we wallpaper the space in the EXACT colors of your brand.
All this, filmed by 3 top-caliber 4K cameras ready for LIVE broadcast or editing available within minutes of your recording.
30 minutes or your money back guaranteed (or almost.)

Animation 3D & 2D

If you weren't concerned until now, unique unicorn that you are, here's the animation!
Even if your product or service seems so complex that you're discouraged from trying video, we guarantee that animation will alleviate your greatest ills.

3D. 2D. VFX. Motion Design. The possibilities are literally endless.

It's never been easier to present the project you're so proud of to as many prospects as possible, and get them to become your customers.

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

Places left for Video Marketing Analysis

You can stop rubbing your eyes...
we really do have more 130 comments!

"Okay, that's it!
Show me what you're
capable of now!"

I wouldn't keep you waiting any longer, now you know what we can cook up.

You want a taste.

So here's a very, very brief overview of what to expect in terms of production quality.

Then, if you're still not convinced, you can take a look at some of our proudest achievements in the next section.

A foretaste of our achievements...

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

Places left for Video Marketing Analysis

Our greatest achievements

Presentation video, customer testimonials, training, we take care of everything.

Our promise

We're so confident you'll love the result...

That it will be an experience you've never had anywhere else...

That your satisfaction with your work will be significantly improved...

If you don't receive your video within 7 working days, we'll refund the amount paid!

I make it my personal guarantee that you'll NEVER end up with a video you're not absolutely proud of.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Except for thousands of additional visits to your site, an exponentially multiplied conversion rate and a nice little bonus that will take you to Hawaii.

But to get all this, there's just one more thing to do...

That leaves us
a limited number
for 2023,
don't wait!

Hurry! There are only a few places left.

Places left for Video Marketing Analysis


Nothing. (Except taxes, which go to the government, not us!) We've made sure that the grant can cover all the costs of a presentation video. To understand the value of this incredible offer, you need to consider the number of shooting days, the complexity of the sets and the number of crew members needed to complete your project. In general, a shoot starts at between $2,000 and $3,000 for a project including a day's shooting, a director, a director of photography and an editor, for a result that lives up to your ambitions.

In our opinion, video production should be at the heart of any good marketing strategy. There is objectively no superior communication medium for reaching your customers. We certainly believe in the importance of photography, copywriting and even pure audio (and even that we cover its services better than anyone else), but why not give video the central place it deserves?

Like you, we're entrepreneurs looking to increase our visibility on social networks. So we're very familiar with the issue, and have developed a package (based on our own strategy) to get you 1 month's worth of content in a day. For an 8h in your month, we can cover all your programming the following month.

We offer these complementary services and we even have the experts to deliver the best result. Our photographers have experience working on sets with groups of 10 to 50, our drone pilots are fully certified with Transport Canada and can fly underwater as well as lift the most advanced filming equipment.

To date, we've toured the four corners of Quebec from RiviĂšre-du-Loup to Montreal, via Quebec City, for customers on both sides of the Atlantic. With local partners available all over the world, there's no limit to where we can travel. Get our air miles up - we're ready to go!

Every effort is made to prevent rather than cure by estimating project costs as accurately as possible, but cost overruns can occur. However, this should not cause stress! This is why contingency costs are always included, usually equivalent to 10% of the project. They are not used? No problem, they will not be charged!

Machiavel Studios is the video marketing agency for black sheep. We stand out from the crowd by offering a turnkey service, from creation to broadcasting, including filming and editing. We stand out from the crowd by offering a creative effort worthy of the biggest agencies, with the flexibility of your favorite freelancer. The only limit to your ambitions should be your imagination.

We're big fans of fast, efficient virtual cafés! Come and chat with us over here!

about Machiavelli Studios

Machiavel Studios is the video marketing agency for black sheep.

Born from the union of our marketing expertise and video production experience, we work with entrepreneurs to help them break out of the herd and realize their ambitions.

Our turnkey service has enabled us to bring Startup Montréal, Front Row Ventures, Métro Média, Meta4 Interactive and many others out of the herd.

Video marketing agency for Black Sheep

Thank you for taking the time to read this page! Seriously, I'm very grateful for this opportunity to share our vision with you.

I hope to see you soon.

Louis Pallascio


Mommy, it's over!

You've made it to the end!

Or maybe you're an adventurer who likes to skip flat spots.

I know what you mean.

So here's what you need to know:

I offer you branded video 100% free of charge thanks to the PCAN grant.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program!

With tips, an overview of current trends and the EXACT type of content you should be creating.

We even reveal our Magic Recipe for guaranteed success.


Places left for Video Marketing Analysis

Hurry! A few places left. Quantity limited!

Machiavel Studios. All rights reserved 2023.

WAIT! Before you leave...

Take a look at what we could do for you... We're offering you a 100% free Brand Analysis (worth $149). Not satisfied? We'll reimburse you at your hourly rate!

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The secret guide to creating your own professional videos

With 15 years of combined marketing and video experience, we help you achieve your ambitions with this exclusive access to our biggest secrets.

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