NPGP x ACEE - Ép. 27 - Jules Raymond - SAMPLE

For this twenty-seventh episode, in a brand new space redesigned to the new Machiavel Studios, we welcome Jules Raymond founder of Échantillons, the first bags made of 100% hemp fiber, for this special episode produced in collaboration with the ACEE of Quebec and presented by Loto-Québec to discuss the impact of the ACEE in the journey of a young entrepreneur, the democratization of hemp and the entrepreneurial fiber from youth.

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0:00 - Opening of the podcast - 1 min

1:00 - Introduction of Jules by Louis - 1 min

1:30 - Presentation of the CEAA and the partner of the episode Loto-Québec

2:00 - Icebreaker question - What type of bread are you (e.g. Louis - Ciabatta bread for my Italian origins, my harder (more mature) appearance, despite a soft (warm) interior) - 2 min

1st section - Earning your bread - 2:30

2:45 - Presentation of Sample (The service/product, its history, its founders, etc.)

3:30 - What exactly is hemp?

***5:00 - Why is it so disruptive as a resource?

5:30 - The history of hemp (Prohibition in the United States, the anti-marijuana wave)

7:00 - Your education - HEC Montreal, the Cegep and the entrepreneurial clubs

8:00 - ACEE Entrepreneur of the Month

*9:00 - CEAA and its programs

10:00 - Travel experiences, especially in Paris and their impact. Your goal!

2nd section - Butter money - 20:00

12:00 - Why hasn't hemp grown even more?

*13:00 - The challenges of obtaining hemp locally

15:30 - Your first experience with the CEEE at Cegep, especially the competitions and what they brought you.

**18:45 - Incredible trip to France with ACEE

23:00 - Your business/vlog projects from a young age and improvising to form the entrepreneur that you are.

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 26:00

6:00 PM - New administrator of Ambriz sworn in

30:30 - The "killer" question - How to convince consumers to choose Hemp?

34:30 - Final question - Do you think Quebec was born for a big loaf of bread?

34:30 - Bonus question - What would be your book recommendations for our aspiring entrepreneurs who are listening?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Freedom 45, The Brain still needs glasses

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