What to include in video design

You may already have developed the excellent habit of recording, saving and preserving all your flashes of genius as a creative treasure trove. However, it's likely that you're like most people and that this treasure is scattered all over the world.

Your favorite Reels are tucked away in the depths of Instagram. Your most memorable videos can be found in an obscure YouTube playlist. And your photo inspirations... everywhere.

Now let's make sure those efforts pay off by organizing that creative mess that stands between you and your next video idea.

Marwah Rizqy in interview

1. Visual Style

It's the aesthetics of your trip. How do you want your video to be perceived? Do you want a raw documentary style, a dazzling cinematic aesthetic, a fun animation?

2. The scenario

This is your itinerary. What's the story you want to tell? How will it begin, develop and end? Write your script in detail, focusing on your main message.

3. Shooting locations

These are the locations of your trip. Where will your video take place? In an office, on location, in a studio? Plan the locations and make sure they match your visual style and script.

4. The Players

They're your travel companions. Who will star in your video? Professional actors, members of your team, yourself? Make sure they can convey your message.

Nadia from Trattoria Gio

5. Technologies

These are the tools of your journey. Which shots are essential for you? A slide that brings the interview to life, a drone, lighting with specific colors? Make a list of the equipment you'll need, and make sure your video production company can provide it.

At Machiavel Studios, we support our customers throughout the creative process. We design collaboratively so that we can bring our customers' exact vision to life. Contact us today to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your next video. 

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