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Testimonial - Ombrages - Official Website
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Very good! We had a great experience, with friendly, professional and dynamic people. We achieved our objectives and made a great video. We had a great time shooting and having fun with the videographers. I'd recommend Machiavel Studios for both small and large videos! 
Mehdi Laieb
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Testimonial - Actoran
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Top from start to finish! From the first contact to D-Day of the shoot. A team that really listens to everyone and their needs, with great creativity and responsiveness. An excellent experience that I'd recommend to any company looking to produce a corporate video.
Maylis Henon
Marketing Manager

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Photography - Brasserie Rive-Sud

Recently, Machiavel Studios had the privilege of collaborating with a leading brewery located on Montreal's South Shore, marking a new milestone in the history of brewing.

Creating engaging videos

When it comes to creating videos, it's essential to understand that emotion plays a central role. A video without emotion is like a dish without seasoning: bland and forgettable. Emotion is what brings your video to life, what makes it memorable and engaging. But how do you create content that really touches your audience?


We know that when you start a video project, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why we've prepared a list of frequently asked questions.


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With 15 years of combined marketing and video experience, we help you achieve your ambitions with this exclusive access to our biggest secrets.

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