Your most frequently asked questions answered.

From your budget to the formats you can use on your different social media platforms, we answer your most frequently asked questions about video marketing.

Several factors influence the price, including the number of shooting days, the complexity of the set and the number of crew members needed to complete your project. In general, a shoot will start at between $2000 and $3000 for a project that includes a day's shooting, a director, a director of photography and an editor to get the job done right.

In our opinion, video production should be at the heart of any good marketing strategy. There is objectively no superior communication medium for reaching your customers. We certainly believe in the importance of photography, copywriting and even pure audio (and even that we cover its services better than anyone else), but why not give video the central place it deserves?

Like you, we are entrepreneurs looking to increase our visibility on social networks. We are therefore very familiar with the issue and have developed a package (based on our own strategy) to produce 1 month's worth of content for you in one day. For 8 hours in your month, we can cover all your programming the following month.

With us, there is ZERO ambiguity about the future of your data. To guarantee the availability of your data (with rare exceptions), we offer you an annual storage space rental, included in the quote. This way, whether your files are in basic HD resolution or in 4k Raw, they are safely stored in our studios and backed up twice. Whether you want to take back your old shots to reuse them yourself or trust us again for another assignment, they will be waiting for you, safe and sound.
We offer these complementary services and we even have the experts to deliver the best result. Our photographers have experience working on sets with groups of 10 to 50, our drone pilots are fully certified with Transport Canada and can fly underwater as well as lift the most advanced filming equipment.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out with our Secrets of a Videographer Guide, we know the ideal formats for the different platforms and it will be our duty to provide you with these in a turnkey delivery. Our podcast is a great example of the strategy we have in place - quality content that serves hundreds of listeners every week.

A minimum. You're in your business and you need to roll it. Making your next video shouldn't interfere with your operations. That's why our unique filmmaking process takes care of all your needs from creation to broadcast, filming and editing. Aside from a few 30-minute meetings to block off in your schedule, we leave you alone while we get to work.

To date, we have toured all over Quebec from Rivière-du-Loup to Montreal, via Quebec City, for clients on both sides of the Atlantic. With local partners available all over the world, there is no limit to where we can travel. Get our air miles up, we're ready!

Thanks to our experience in the different productions we have done and our close collaboration with the UDA (Union of Artists), we are able to select the best actors to represent your brand. Through a rigorous process of casting, from the call to the contracts in due form

Certain factors may influence availability, such as the agreement with the UDA, which must take into account the number of years of broadcasting or be renewed, but, as a general rule, the final video as delivered is yours as long as you use it according to the parameters of our agreement together.

Every effort is made to prevent rather than cure by estimating project costs as accurately as possible, but cost overruns can occur. However, this should not cause stress! This is why contingency costs are always included, usually equivalent to 10% of the project. They are not used? No problem, they will not be charged!
Machiavel Studios is the video marketing agency for black sheep. We take you out of the herd by offering you a turnkey service from creation to broadcast, including shooting and editing. We sincerely believe that you should forego the marketing expertise of the big agencies and fall back on video production companies with no broadcasting experience. The only limit to your ambitions should be your imagination.
Absolutely! We've got 900 square feet ready for your podcast, storytelling or even our video project together.

We're a big fan of virtual coffee, fast and efficient! Come and chat with us over here!

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