Julien L'Épicier, co-founder of Locals MTL, an event production agency, talks about the earth-shattering concept of Minimum Viable Product, the rapid pivot in times of pandemic and the emotions found throughout Quebec. Available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts!

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Timeline - The local experience through all the senses

0:00 - Introduction

1:15 - What kind of bread are you?

1st section - Earning your bread - 2:00

2:10 - Presentation of Locals MTL

2:40 - What is experiential marketing?

4:00 PM - Brand activation at Saputo Stadium, Rogers Cup, etc.

4:50 PM - Locals MTL launch, Mosaic start

6:50 PM - Latest projects: National Bank, Vibrant and Rogers Cup

9:35 - Turnkey services - A mix of construction and marketing

11:30 - Having specialists in their field

Section 2 - The Butter Money - 12:20

4:30 PM - Pivot in pandemic preparedness for events

1:30 PM - Ciné-métro, the return to the drive-in

3:00 PM - Continue to invest in events

15:45 - Business Development in B2B

17:30 - Millennials prioritize experiences beyond products

18:10 - What's unique about activations in Quebec

20:00 - Putting numbers to experiential - Social networks!

4:25 PM - New study on key performance indicators

11:00 PM - How to adapt the industry for the future?

24:30 - Walls of experience

4:40 PM - The Lean Startup, The Minimum Viable Product

11:00 AM - "The new generation of the "B" series of products is ready to be launched on the market

4:00 PM - Pareto's law, 80% of results come from 20% of efforts

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 31:40

32:00 - The digital shift in the experiential sector

12:00 PM - Government of Canada to increase public awareness of environmental issues

4:00 PM - YOOP platform, a virtual experience

35:30 - Interactivity like at the Bordel Comédie Club!

42:00 - Where to find Locals MTL?


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