Ep.22 - Jean-Sébastien Michel - ALAMBIKA

For this twenty-second episode, we welcome Jean-Sébastien Michel, founder of Alambika, a cocktail accessory store, the Alkademia project and Prosyro Canadian syrups to discuss the alcohol industry here versus Ontario, civil disobedience in pandemic and the advent of distilleries.

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Find our guest here:

WEBSITE : https://alambika.ca/

FACEBOOK: https: //www.facebook.com/alambika/

INSTAGRAM: https: //www.instagram.com/alambika/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alambika

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Timeline - Cocktails, our liquid gastronomy

0:00 - Introduction

1:00 - Presentation of Alambika

1:45 - What kind of bread are you, Jean-Sébastien Michel?

1st section - Earning your bread - 3:00

3:14 - What Alambika does

6:50 - Choosing an angle - Cocktails

8:10 AM - Leverage for bars and restaurants

9:00 - Alambika's debut - SO to Manon!

10:30 - Alkadémie, experimental project

11:15 - Alcove, marketing consultation

15:00 - How to manage all these projects? A coach more than a boss

5:45 PM - Alkadémie, inspired by the PHI Center

20:00 - A concept inspired by student exchanges

21:00 - International Twin Cities, Nagasaki and Montreal

2nd section - Butter money - 23:00

11:30 PM - The inspirations of the Prohibition

4:00 PM - "The new generation of the "Bamako" is ready for the world's biggest party

12:00 PM - SAQ to hold international conference in New Delhi

4:00 PM - Cigars and cheese in SAQ

12:00 PM - "The new SAQ": a new way of life for the people of Botswana

4:00 PM - Distilleries and the SAQ to meet in person

4:00 PM - ECCAS troops manoeuvre plan presented

4:00 PM - New bar association wins gastronomy laurel (Pierre Thibault)

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 45:30

**50:00 - Cocktails, liquid gastronomy

12:00 PM - New study on the impact of climate change on children's health

52:00 - We have nothing to envy in catering, but also in bar!

53:00 - New "White Claw" culture in the park

5:00 PM - Is Quebec born for a big loaf of bread?

Interesting source to read: https: //www.lesaffaires.com/blogues/sylvie-cloutier/la-loi-sur-la-societe-des-alcools-du-quebec-inadaptee-aux-microdistilleries/625249

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