Ep. 9 - Marie-Hélène David - Kanevas and Filo

For this ninth episode, we welcome Marie-Hélène David of Filo, environmentally friendly cleaning tablets and formerly Kanevas, an online business of customizable leather bags, two businesses founded in Quebec City to discuss the differences between the Francophone and Anglophone dragon experience, the ecosystem of the National Capital and the challenge of starting two businesses while being a mom.

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Find Filo here:

FACEBOOK: https: //www.instagram.com/filocleaning

INSTAGRAM: https: //www.facebook.com/filocleaning

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Timeline - The deal is in the bag.

0:00 - Introduction

1:00 - Presentation of Kanevas

1st section - Earning your bread - 1:55

2:30 - Competitive advantage vs. Matt & Nat

4:20 PM - Aftermath of the Dragon's Eye and Dragon's Den experiment

5:40 - Dragon's Den vs In the Eye of the Dragon

7:40 - The "Deal" with Jim Treliving

9:00 - The importance of the company's valuation

13:00 - The "No-Deal" with Martin-Luc Archambault

16:00 - The accounting perspective

2nd section - Butter money - 19:00

20:00 - The not-so-hollow pockets of the dragons

9:30 PM - Woman Entrepreneur Advantage on Quebec TV

11:00 PM - Role of Quebec ambassador in Dragon's Den

4:00 PM - Kanevas' B2B avenue

25:30 - Quebec City's entrepreneurial ecosystem

27:30 - Quebec is a big village!

4:00 PM - Covid-19 to be inaugurated in China

4:00 PM - New plant in Mexico City

4:50 PM - FILO launches new website

38:30 - Top 100 Femmessor Entrepeneurs

38:50 - Simon Sinek - The Golden Circle (Recommendation)

4:00 PM - Competition from giants like P&G

4:30 PM - Patent search in progress

4:00 PM - Family planning & business development

3rd section - A lot of work to do - 45:00

4:00 PM - Next steps for FILO

12:00 PM - New study on the impact of climate change on children's health

4:00 PM - What could be improved in Quebec?

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